Cloud Defender Review

Welcome to my Cloud Defender audit and programming instructional exercises.

Prevent Hackers From Taking Your Sites Down

On the off chance that you need to shield your locales from the most unsafe kind of hacking, you ought to investigate Cloud Defender.

DDoS assault is a hacking movement that causes a site to go down from gigantic measures of fake activity sent at the same time.

Why Should You Care?

You presumably recollect what happened on October 21st when a great many essential destinations like Twitter, PayPal, and even Amazon went down for whole day.

How To Stop It?

Cloud Defender is an effective insurance framework that incorporates 4 modules and instructional exercises that help you secure your locales or your customers' destinations from DDoS assaults.

It won't simply secure your whole server, yet will likewise accelerate your site stack times, which means an overnight support in changes, and also expanding your SEO score with speedier page time loads.

See more points of interest and get your duplicate of Cloud Defender HERE.

Do you recall a month ago (back in October) there was an enormous DDOS assaults? They've brought down significant power sites including MAJOR power locales like Twitter, Spotify, CNN – even PayPal and Amazon!

The assault was massive to the point that even our VPS with 1Gbps/500k pps DDOS Protection was cut down.

What we didn't know is, there's really a free way you can setup a virtual "cloud" based fence that will shield your site from the greater part of this. Furthermore, it's altogether secured on Cloud Defender.

CloudDefender makes your site stack 200% quicker, utilize 60% less transfer speed and totally secure you against terrible bot activity, page scrubbers and hacking endeavors at the server level.

The best part?

Engineer permit is incorporated and the cost is still around $7.

Cloud Defender Review – Launch Overview

  1. Vendor: Matt Garrett
  2. Product Name: Cloud Defender
  3. Launch Date: 2016-Nov-23
  4. Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  5. Front-End Price: $7
  6. Niche: WP Security, Software
  7. Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
  8. Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  9. Bonus: Yes
  10. Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  11. Official Site: Launch Discount Click Here

Exhausting… Forget That

I think we as a whole saw a large portion of the web being down on October 21st, isn't that so?

The online security market is gigantic and developing, and Cloud Defender is a demonstrated item. Beforehand just offered on JVZoo, yet propelling on the Warrior+ stage on Wednesday 23rd November.

It has a solid 'Engineer Rights' permit for individuals who need to profit for themselves with Cloud Defender by securing their customers locales.

It's from Matt Garrett and the group behind JVZoo's top offering WordPress security offer, Blog Defender (which is additionally in the pipe at an exceptional markdown cost for this dispatch).

Snappy update about Cloud Defender – You Can offer it!

I realize that site security is exhausting right? Disregard that…

Despite the fact that the business page doesn't make it as clear as it should… you get engineers rights to offer this WP security and pocket the money (for $7!)

Offer a Service That Sells Itself… Your License To Profit

This total programming and preparing bundle INCLUDES engineer rights (so you can offer it and keep all the cash) … so appropriate out of the container you have an administration that can make you repeating month to month salary.

You won't require understanding or tech abilities – everything is clarified well ordered. What's more, the market is completely huge and developing each and every day. Gracious… and the value begins at just $7.

So what precisely is Cloud Defender?

Cloud Defender is a Complete Cloud Site Security for you and your customers!

You've undoubtedly known about different DDos assaults as of late – they've brought down real power sites.

At that point there's Bad bot movement that sucks up ALL of your data transfer capacity – costing you a FORTUNE in additional facilitating expenses each month. Also, Page scrubbers are all over, simply hoping to take your substance.

And the greater part of this ILLEGAL action backs off YOUR destinations, so you get bring down rankings and your transformations sink.

There's really a way you can setup the greater part of this, and it's even free!

The main issue is you should be some sort of geek master to get it setup up so it works, or you did, up to this point…

Cloud Defender is completely verified framework for setting up a definitive in server security, making a virtual "cloud" based fence that will shield your site from Bad Bot Traffic, Site Scrapers, DDOS assaults and the sky is the limit from there…

It won't simply secure your whole server, yet will likewise accelerate your site stack times, which means an overnight support in changes, and additionally expanding your SEO score with speedier page time loads.

How Cloud Defender Work?

The following is the 3 speedy strides to higher salary and a definitive in site PROFIT execution:

Here's a few advantages for you and your customers:

         You'll piece scrubbers, bots and perilous DDOS assaults

         You'll expand SEO score with speedier page time loads.

         You'll cover ANY webpage you secure with Cloudflare with a twofold repetitive framework that ENSURES your destinations remain online regardless!

         Earn month to month automated revenue with included Developer Rights

Look at What CloudDefender Does For You AND Your Clients:

  1. Without CloudDefender

         Risk your server being helpless against all way of awful bot and page scrubbers

         Risk VASTLY diminished page stack times

         Face potential abundance data transfer capacity charges

         Possible lose SEO positioning

         Possibly increment guest skip rate

         Decrease transformations

         Risk your locales going disconnected immediately

         Risk losing access to your leads and progressing salary from ALL your income producing destinations

  1. With CloudDefender

         Completely secure your server against terrible bot movement, page scrubbers and hacking endeavors at the server level

         Enjoy ideal site stack times

         Prevent abundance transmission capacity overage charges

         Increase SEO scores

         Reduce guest bob rate

         Increase transformations

         Ensure your locales remain on the web, regardless

         Protect your leads, supporter subtle elements, present AND future wage

Utilize the above table as your own one of a kind pitch to offer the administration! The included engineer rights mean you can change the name and brand the administration as your own one of a kind.

This is what You Get With CloudDefender:

  1. The most exceptional, complete site security framework accessible today – sit back and relax knowing your servers are secured with similar devices TOP power locales are utilizing
  2. 4 fundamental, zero-cost modules that will both ensure your destinations and improve them for greatest speed, movement and changes
  3. Step by step preparing separated into more than 15 noteworthy modules – including both composed aides and screenshots – so you know EXACTLY how to secure both your servers and those of your customers
  4. Quick Start Checklist – condenses the setup procedure and gives you a chance to actualize server security as quick as could be expected under the circumstances for both yourself and customers
  5. Access to suggested, FREE applications to boost site execution and secure your server with 2 figure confirmation
  6. Pro Tips to have you up and running FAST and WITHOUT spending any additional cash on things you needn't bother with
  7. Developer rights so you can offer this security benefit as your own one of a kind, including the capacity to rename and rebrand it as you wish for continuous month to month wage

Cloud Defender Questions Answered

Will this work on my Mac?

Completely. Much the same as WordPress, CloudDefender is a cloud-construct arrangement that works in light of any working framework. In the event that you have web get to, this will work for you!

Will CloudDefender secure against ANY assault?

Starting today, we can state CloudDefender will secure your SERVER from 99.9% of any potential vulnerabilites. It's difficult to remain in front of each danger, yet this tweaked arrangement is the most bleeding edge security convention accessible at any cost. The immense news is CloudDefender transforms your servers into MAJOR cerebral pains for potential programmers, which means most will take one look and move one.

Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

On the off chance that you have a WP site, you know all that you have to take after the basic guidelines to set up CloudDefender. Establishment is as basic as enacting a couple modules and taking after the well ordered preparing.

How Do I Make Money With This?

Notwithstanding augmenting benefit potential from your own particular destinations, your speculation incorporates designer rights. Meaning you can offer CloudDefender as a support of the same number of customers as you pick. Change the name, rebrand it and offer continuous web security administrations to any customer with a WP website, in any specialty.

Cloud Defender Explained Video

My Exclusive Cloud Defender Bonuses

CloudDefender transforms your servers into MAJOR migraines for potential programmers. When they see the solidified security you have, they will abandon you and proceed onward, scanning for simpler target.