Self-Publishing Blueprint

This Program Can Make Any Author Money in Seven Simple Steps


A groundbreaking new online program has just been launched, giving any author the power to become a successful self-publishing entrepreneur overnight and enjoy total creative and financial control of their work.


This program has only been online for a short while, but users have already reported an instant return of investment plus a steady income of up to thousands of dollars per month!


Finally, any aspiring author has the tools to monetize their work, quit their day job, and make healthy profits doing what they love most of all: writing.


Self-Publishing Blueprint is the brainchild of Bryan Biernat, a former pizzeria owner and manager who decided to take ownership of his life and ventured into the self-publishing industry to see if he could find a way of making cold, hard cash from the comfort of his own home, giving him more freedom to spend time with his family with a model for generating quick, easy, instant revenue.


Inside, there is a complete and comprehensive training program designed to walk you through the process of creating and selling your own books without the aid of publishing houses or literary agents.


No matter where you’re coming from, this revolutionary new program will give you all the guidance and support you need when you launch into the self-publishing industry.


No previous publishing experience is required, you don’t have to be an expert on computers or online marketing, and best of all, Self-Publishing Blueprint will assist you in outsourcing all the hard work to freelancers so you don’t have to!


So even if you’re not an author, you can still reap the benefits of Self-Publishing Blueprint. They’ll help you find the writer guaranteed to bring you instant, juicy profits.


Everything you need to know about self-publishing is covered in Seven Simple Steps. Self-Publishing Blueprint promotes a unique flexibility in how the course is structured. You can come to Self-Publishing Blueprint as a beginner with no knowledge of the industry, or if you’re a little more experienced with self-publishing, this course will help you maximize the profit potential of your work by giving you the boost you need to succeed.


Self-Publishing Blueprint contains information on which types of books guarantee the highest rate of return, how to write an effective proposal for freelancing, and how to find the right designer who will make your book stand out to the world.


Bryan’s program has made it easier than ever before to jump into self-publishing. He has made it so simple and so profitable to transform yourself into a self-publishing magnate…I’m wondering if publishing houses and literary agents are things of the past!


So if you’re a struggling writer and you’re still banging your head against the wall as you sift through one rejection notice after another, Self-Publishing Blueprint comes highly recommended as a simple, profitable, and powerful course designed to make you big money fast at a super low cost to join.


Whether you want to publish one book or several, whether you want to crack the Kindle market or if you prefer putting out hard copies, whether you want to explore audio books or stick to print…Self-Publishing Blueprint has been programmed to put in all the hard work on your behalf so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the money pour into your bank account.


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