Stop Motion Creator Review: Eye catching AND Jaw Dropping videos in 60 seconds


Today’s social media is getting consistently more crowded with every business, brand, personality and influencer vying for attention. With the rise of the use of photography to capture attention, inspire and position, comes a tipping point of saturation to the point where it inevitably begins to lose its impact. New media options are constantly being sought to complement a base of photography content and provide the “cream on top”.

Whist stop motion video animation is not new, its application as social media content is increasingly becoming more popular. Audiences are responding in part simply because stop motion content is different. Whether a Facebook auto play video or an Instagram click to play video or GIF, stop motion has a unique ability to capture the attention of your audience.

In Stop Motion Creator Review, video as a format naturally stands out. The push from Facebook to become a video first platform provides a glimpse of the future direction of social media generally.

Mirroring the historical trend to saturation point experienced by photography, video content at some point will require a certain verve to stand out from the crowd. Stop motion provides an option to innovate today by providing a user experience that is, at this point at least, relatively unique.

The stop motion genre can be divided into 3 broad segments.

  1. GIF’s

An entertaining experience can be sought by seamless (and cleverly) looping a short stop motion video.

  1. As an art form

Stop motion animation can be extremely creative when approached from an artistic direction. Stop motion as an art form particularly suits fashion, technology and culture.

  1. Advertising

When used in the advertising form, stop motion can be potentially a very effective form of marketing communication.

Regardless of the genre, stop motion video could be just what your social media needs to reinvigorate your relationship with your audience.

Are you looking at your social media content and getting a sinking feeling that it all looks the same, even stale and that very little is standing out?

Contact Video Experts today to discuss how we can best reignite your social media audience with a sprinkle of stop motion magic!

Are you looking at your social media content and getting a sinking feeling that it all looks the same, even stale and that very little is standing out?

Emergency Cash Booster Review today to discuss how we can best reignite your social media audience with a sprinkle of stop motion magic!

Stop-Motion video production is the latest buzz these days. Many corporate organizations, as well as individuals, are also applying it as per their suitability. So we thought why not we also indulge in it? So, now AOC Production is also engaged in stop-motion video production. But before delving deeper, let us understand what a stop-motion video is? A stop-motion is a type of animation technique which manipulates an object physically (from place to place) so that the object looks like it is moving on its own. The object(s) is generally stimulated in regular and small proportions between photographed frames which are taken individually. It creates the illusion of a moving object when the frame-series are played as a fast-sequence. Stop-motion videos are trending these days and it can do wonders for you. Incorporate a stop-motion video and see the positive changes yourself.

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Stop motion, sometimes called stop frame animation, is a cinematographic technique that has been used for over 100 years. The image or animation is captured one frame at a time, with slight variations and movements made between each shot- like a cinematic flip book.

This cool effect has been used in countless movies and film projects. Check out Time Out’s list of the 100 best animated stop motion movies of all time to see if your favorite film made the list.

To better understand this old time technique, watch Mashable’s tutorial below that explains exactly how it works:

As you can see, producing stop frame footage can be incredibly time consuming. It takes an immense amount of time and patience. Luckily, Videohive has a large collection of stop motion stock footage you can choose from, so you can skip the arduous filming process and add the fun footage to your film quickly and easily. Below is a curated list of the best selling and top trending stop motion files. We’ve also hand picked some of our favorite new footage from Envato’s extensive library to add to the list.

We’ve included the preview clips of these, but here’s a few animated GIFs we created from sections of some of our favorites on this list: