BlackBird Review: The secret engine that powers $10M/month in sales


You've probably observed about how precisely much money you may make online an an Amazon affiliate marketing. Maybe you've even setup a niche site yourself, analyzed it out, and discovered that after getting everything ready to go, just a few money in affiliate income emerged flowing in following a few months.

Well, predicated on my very own BlackBird Review, here's the ultimate way to really earn a living with an Amazon . com affiliate site. And it will only have a day to help make the site.

The secret? Low priced, low effort.

Developing an Amazon . com Affiliate Site.

Just building your Amazon . com affiliate site is a very important factor, but it's an totally different challenge to start out attracting the right traffic that'll convert into revenue after they clickthrough to Amazon. Due to that, it's amazingly important to find the right niche market for your site, directly from the get-go. Let's reach it.

  1. Learn Some Basic HTML.

You should do this to keep your costs down but still get what you would like. Even if the website is basically organized for you, you are going to need to find out how to put in images, create hyperlinks, and do some basic wording formatting.

  1. Pick Your Topic.

You are going to be doing product critiques and advice, so select a topic that you love and know something about. If you cannot stay interested in this issue, that will show, looked after won't carry your interest. Select a narrow enough specific niche market to be distinctive, e.g., rings from your city, left-handed guitarists, music for a certain kind of dance, writers of a certain faith, literature about business, arts & crafts resources, etc.

  1. Choose Your DOMAIN.

Make it keyword-rich, not ingenious. Think how people will see your site in the various search engines. Below are a few ideas (all available when I first had written this, though a few have been snatched up):

-           Music:,,,,,

-           Literature:,,,

-           Others:,,

  1. Register Your DOMAIN.

If you are not technically willing at all, sign-up your website wherever you create your hosting in step 5. Usually, it can save you a few money by choosing a lower-cost company. Not a huge deal for just one or two sites, but it could be for ten or twenty. I take advantage of GoDaddy, who've great domain management tools and are significantly less than $10 yearly. The lowest priced There is from YT Affiliate Formula Review is 1&1, whose price is just about $7 annually last I checked out.

  1. SETUP Your Web Hosting.

That's where most people get burned up. Because of this kind of site, you certainly do not need $10 per month web hosting! Our WEB BUSINESS Guide has a set of Cheap Web Hosting at under $10. Some are less than $4 per month, with endless domains, i.e., you can run several sites such as this on a single hosting package.

  1. Install Wordpress.

"Blog, you say?" Yes. It'll give your site all the framework you will need, plus make it easy to quickly post new content. My pick and choose is WordPress, which is available source (i.e., free), easy to set up and use, yet very powerful.

Many hosts have a one-step set up process for this, or you can download it and follow their unit installation instructions.

  1. Make it Quite.

Among the advantages of WordPress is the huge variety of layouts designed for it -- they can completely change the look-and-feel.  

  1. SETUP Categories.

Most blog software gives you to produce sub-categories to help set up your entries. This can help visitors thin in even more specifically on the interests. For instance, may have one band of categories for genre -- rock and roll, country, blues, etc. -- and another for city of origins -- Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, etc.

  1. Subscribe as an Amazon . com Associate (Affiliate).

It's simple and free. Just visit Amazon . com and go through the Join Associates link in the bottom of the page (here is a direct link for your convenience).

Your website should curently have at least the essential setup done, in case you haven't any content there yet, as they'll review the website manually before endorsement.

  1. Create your site Publishing Bookmarks and Links.

You will discover two links that will be essential so that you can get this to easy. First is your blog posting hyperlink. In your site software, on the publishing site (see their instructions), in the bottom of the webpage there must be a "bookmarklet". Go through the link (and contain the mouse) and move it up to your Links toolbar in your web browser (assuming WEB BROWSER), or your Favorites menu. This will help you to blog something with one click.

  1. Create Your Amazon . com Build-A-Link Bookmark and Link.

This can make it easy to construct the hyperlink with your internet affiliate ID built-in. Get on Associates Central, try the remaining navigation sidebar, go to Build-A-Link, and under Static Links, find SINGULAR ITEMS. Click and pull this on your Links toolbar or Favorites menu.

  1. Build Your First Website link.

Go to Amazon . com and sign in with your Associates account. Find the merchandise you want to examine and use the website Stripe (grey stripe near the top of the screen that you will see when logged in as a co-employee) to really get your customized connect to the item. In addition they give you a variety of other available choices for creating links and banners.

  1. Blog Your Review.

Now select your blog submitting hyperlink (Press It! by default in WordPress). If you are using WordPress, you should now see two bits of hyperlink code in your placing form, the first one finishing with "Associates Build-A-Link >< /a >". Delete during that point. The next part is a web link to the merchandise with your Amazon . com Associate ID built-in. Now just write your product review, choose the correct categories for this, and strike Publish.