Consistent Sales System Review: How To Finally Profit from Paid Traffic


Alright, so this Consistent Sales System Review is one hellfire of an article I've been sitting tight to compose for quite a while. I didn't, on account of when I was going to, Facebook chosen to change a considerable measure of things in their calculation and the entire methodology changed.

This still works and it has changed a bit, however you can at present profit and bank hard in the event that you have the financial plan. I was making from $100 to $350 PER DAY in 2013 with this entire technique, and despite the fact that it may take more spending now to begin, you can in any case make more than $5-10k every month with this system.

Truth be told, I know a few people gaining more than $100,000 every month with this and the great things is you can have it as a side business, 100% mechanized and profiting for you. I'll keep this post refreshed on the off chance that this progressions, yet I'm certain regardless it works in july 2014. The quicker you begin, the better.

Things you require

  • A Website with a VPS or Dedicated server (I prescribe Vultr. Snap HERE TO GET IT FOR $5 PER MONTH)
  • An Adsense account toward the start, and later a record with a CPM/CPA promoting organization
  • A Facebook Ads account with charge card or Paypal
  • A Facebook Fan Page and some financial plan to begin. I'd suggest $500 in any event. $1,000 – $1,500 every month would be great.

How can it function?

The idea is straightforward, yet it's not as simple as it sounds. Essentially, what you will do is to make a viral news site with a fundamental WordPress establishment and send a huge amount of movement to it.

What amount of movement? A large number of guests every day. As much as your financial plan permits you. A few people send more than 1 million guests to their site PER DAY. Be that as it may, you needn't bother with that much. Begin with 1k every day and after that go for 5k, 20k and continue developing.

Ultimately, the thought is Pixalogo Review that you produce incredible (however basic) articles with viral pictures, recordings or stories, and make them turn into a web sensation with Facebook. At the point when the general population visit your blog, they'll discover Google Adsense's promotions and you'll acquire cash from the snaps you get.

I prescribe Adsense on the grounds that the Ads will be absolutely insignificant in the event that you utilize some other CPC organize, however in the event that Adsense is out of your choices for any reasons, attempt Adversal from this choices article.

At some point or another, you'll need to move to a CPM based system, yet you'll require at any rate a large portion of a million visits for every month to move to the following level. So don't stress presently.

I as of late clarified the motivation behind why Google Adsense beats whatever other option, particularly if your activity isn't natural (i.e. not from seek inquiries). Since we will send a lump of activity straightforwardly from Facebook, we need fairly applicable advertisements regardless of the possibility that they're not originating from web indexes, and you know… Google controls a decent piece of your life, so they can serve OK promotions to your crowd regardless of the possibility that they originate from Social Media destinations

Here's a screenshot of one of my greatest days. Check where the majority of my activity was originating from:

Additionally, make sure to attempt this regardless of the possibility that you're on a tight spending plan since I will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to win cash with CPA offers (no Adsense or CPC/CPM systems) and make a couple of additional thousands every month with paid movement in my one's week from now article  

Might we begin?

I'll partition this in 3 stages. You have to wash and rehash subsequent to breaking down your information. I'm happy the vast majority of it has been secured and you'll see that it's not as troublesome as you think, but rather it takes some time and a decent arrangement with a financial plan.

Step 1. Make a WordPress Blog

This one is simple. In case you're battling with this, leave a remark beneath so I can help you. be that as it may, you can discover nearly everything in my blog in the WordPress Category. I cover everything from setting an area name, introducing WordPress and notwithstanding introducing a subject. Once more, simply leave a remark beneath on the off chance that you require help with any progression. This shouldn't take you more than 1-2 hours, if not less.

Keep in mind you require a quick VPS in any event to make this work. Vultr has a $5 every month VPS which beats many oversaw VPSes estimated at $30+.

Presently the key with Adsense is having extraordinary movement and having a decent CTR (Click trough rate). Since Adsense deals with a CPC premise, the higher your CTR, the higher your profit. Believe me, with the amount of movement you will send to your blog, expanding your CTR from 3% to 5% could be the distinction amongst $100 and $180 a day. So you NEED a decent CTR.

I've tried a ton of topics for this, and a significant number of them don't work. I have my CTR over 10% a few times when a story turns into a web sensation, yet in any event, I endeavor to intend to anything over 5%. The subject I utilized for this and hence I prescribe is: Morning Theme from WP Zoom.

Unfortunately, I can't demonstrate to you my nitty gritty Adsense profit since it's against their TOS, however I guarantee you'll have an awesome CTR with that topic and you can include your flags with the Quick Adsense module.

I prescribe you to change your subject each 1-2 months to keep your CTR high. Some other incredible subjects to begin are the CTR Theme and the Nexus topic from Elegant Themes.

Having a portable responsive subject is KEY, since many individuals will visit your site from FB for Android or iOS, and you need your Ads and recordings to look fine there.

Step 2. Make a Facebook Fan Page and develop it

I don't have to compose this entire procedure again in light of the fact that I composed it a couple of months back and nothing has changed here. Fundamentally, this is a similar guide on steroids, so have a perused on the most proficient method to make a Facebook Fan Page and develop it super fast with Facebook Ads here: From 0 to 1,000 every day guests in 10 days.

The procedure is essentially the same, however this time you'll make a Fan Page focused to all individuals in a nation who like viral stuff and adorable/noteworthy stories. The majority of the Fan Pages I developed with Facebook Ads are very dynamic and have incredible reach.

There are a couple of changes occurring on Facebook of late, so on the off chance that you need to exploit from them:

  • Use Facebook Newsfeed and Mobile Newsfeed Ads! The volume there is super high contrasted with RHS (Right Hand Sided) Ads.
  • Facebook is taking off new, greater RHS promotions. They're greater and presumably a tiny bit more costly than some time recently, however the size contrast amongst those and the newsfeed promotions isn't as large as some time recently. You can drive a ton of new likes from RHS as well, and the CTR will be high while the opposition adjusts (you won't not see those new advertisements yet). The main draw here is that RHS promotions are shown to desktop PCs just, however hello, there's volume on Facebook.
  • Facebook now disseminates your advertisement spending plan amid the day, regardless of the time your transfer it and get affirmed. This is super convenient in light of the fact that on the off chance that you begin an Ad at 10pm with a financial plan of $10 every day, Facebook will just burn through $1 in the vicinity of 10pm and midnight as opposed to eating $10 in 1-2 hours with shitty outcomes.

There you have it. Simply duplicate a similar system from my guide on the most proficient method to go from 0 to 1k every day guests and apply these new preferences. Since we're pulling out all the stops, I'd prescribe an every day advertisement spending plan of $10 to begin, and afterward move to $20-30 every day on the off chance that you can keep your CTR high and new likes coming.

You'll get a considerable measure of natural likes as well, from individuals sharing, labeling and loving your posts on Facebook and other informal organizations. Those are free

Step 3. Compose viral stories and distribute them in your Fan Page

This progression is simple however requires some serious energy. Essentially, you will search for viral stories, news and drifts and distribute them in your blog. What I'd do is spy different contenders and check the stories they distribute. Attempt sites like upworthy and viralnova.

Likewise, have a nearby eye on Google patterns, as you can get a great deal of movement by being the first to compose viral news in your site as well.

You will post connections AND pictures like clockwork, each and every day. I prescribe you to post between 3-5 connects to your site (that implies you ned to compose 3-5 viral news PER DAY) and furthermore post 3-5 pictures in the middle. The pictures can be a piece of viral stories, adorable creatures or amazing certainties. They key is to keep your gathering of people dynamic and your Facebook achieve high.

Case: 8am picture, 10pm connect to article 1, twelve picture, 2pm connect to article 2, 4pm picture, 6pm connect to article 3, 8pm picture, 10pm connect to article 4.

NEVER duplicate and glue their articles into your site unless you need to get restricted from Adsense. Revise the stories from your own perspective, promotion recordings or whatever you require, and dependably connection to the sources. Else you'll have issues over the long haul. Believe me.

Likewise, observe the situation and circulations of Ads in those sites, as you need to attempt the same to get a decent CTR. I used to have 1-2 Squared Ads in the substance, and a major high rise Ad in the sidebar. This is a recipe that functions admirably.

Step 4. Wash, rehash and robotize.

You ought to have the capacity to kick everything off in 1-2 days on the off chance that you center and work quick. Once more, let me know whether you have any inquiries underneath. Contingent upon how great your stories are, and the spending you spend on Facebook Ads, you'll begin making some benefit following a couple of days or weeks. The more spending plan, you spend the quicker your Fan Page will develop and the more activity you'll send to your site. It's immaculate science.

In the event that you develop it sufficiently huge to make it a side business or even an all day work for you, at that point you might need to step it to the following level and robotize everything. All things considered, we need to expand our ROI and still have sufficient energy to appreciate with family and companions, isn't that right?

So this is what you can do:

Mechanize your Fan Page posts

There are a ton of online networking instruments that enable you to plan your posts on Twitter and Facebook (Buffer and Hootsuite, for instance). The greater part of them really hurt your achieve, so don't utilize those. Utilize FPTraffic.

FPTraffic is an incredible apparatus worked by an Affiliate Manager from a CPA system and it works truly well. You can plan pictures (it has an incorporated discoverer), posts, giveaways and all the more so you wear