Instant Product Lab Review: Super Simple Three Step Formula To Generate eBooks


anywhere I look it appears people are releasing eBooks and trying to cash in on their target market. There are pretty some success testimonies obtainable, however for the maximum component, people simply aren’t making the income they need. As i've had lots of achievement with my own ebook, Cloud residing (no longer for sale, comply with this instant Product Lab overview instead, I concept it'd be helpful to a whole lot of human beings if I wrote a manual approximately the entire manner.

For those of you who don’t recognize, Cloud residing is my e-book which teaches humans how I make a residing on line. That being stated, I need to make it clear that I don’t make a residing by way of coaching humans a way to make a living on-line. My biggest successes are in non-public services which provide an associate program and numerous sites I run inside the fitness niche.


My very own instance

once I had the idea to create Cloud dwelling, I had just finished giving freely a loose e-book on blogging. It changed into 90 pages lengthy and included most of what I recognise in terms of growing a blog. As I don’t simply make money via blogging, I wanted to make an increased manual which supplied suggestions on associate advertising and marketing.

similarly to that, I wanted to make the guide a aid for those who want to make cloud dwelling (earning profits from the internet) a truth. consequently, I protected some of interviews with human beings succeeding on line and my very own recommendations for purchasing matters finished, even if you have a complete-time activity.

The product ended up being around 176 pages and i couldn’t be happier with the give up result. something you could find thrilling is that I definitely just wanted to make $1,000 from liberating the manual. That manner I knew i might have helped a whole lot of human beings and the months of labor it took to position the guide together will have been relatively well worth it.

The result?

  • On release day, the e-book brought in over $four,000.
  • almost seven-hundred copies of the guide have been bought
  • about 80% of the $30,000 is solely from sales. The rest is thru affiliate hyperlinks within the book
  • January, 6 months after launch, is on track to be the second one high-quality month ever in phrases of sales

before I share how I made all of this possible, permit’s examine a number of the motives for writing an e-book inside the first place, other than the apparent monetary blessings.

Why Write an e-book?

the plain answer to the general public, is cash. If that is your sole motivation even though, then you definately’re lacking out. There are truly pretty some motives to put in writing an e-book that you can now not have first of all concept of:

  • position your self as An expert – when you consider that launching Cloud living, i've been absolutely overloaded with interview requests. The guide makes it clear that I know what I’m doing on-line, so human beings come to me for recommendation. if you write a rubbish guide, then no person goes to think very pretty of you. but, in case you make the product the satisfactory you can make it, people will begin to observe you. I now often see human beings refer to creating wealth on line as “Cloud residing’ and some of “make cash” blogs now exist with Cloud within the title. This on my own suggests me the massive impact that a few people can have.
  • Having Your very own Product is big – have you ever ever tried to promote a product a person else created to your personal weblog? i have inside the non-public development area and the conversions are, quite frankly, lousy. as soon as, with five,000 subscribers, I simplest pushed about 15 sales after writing a whole submit on a product. yet, when I launch my personal work, it sells in reality properly. take into account that people study your website for you, so that they’re more likely to buy a product if it has your call on.
  • assist humans – The eBooks that promote the first-rate are the ones that fill a genuine want. therefore, one good reason to jot down an e-book is to percentage knowledge on a topic you recognize lots approximately, and genuinely help your buyers. some days in the past I obtained an electronic mail from a person telling me that they had been now making over $10,000 a month way to my guide. there's no way i'm able to describe in words how accurate analyzing that electronic mail made me experience — and it’s one in every of many.
  • constant profits – Having a $four,000 day became awesome, however it’s the consistent profits from selling e-book’s that I experience. I now have products (1, 2 (not to be had) that I actively promote and earn a great passive earnings. thru nothing however a sidebar ad and normal internet site visitors, Cloud residing is on the right track to make round $3,000 this month. I think that’s pretty brilliant thinking about the product became released 6 months ago.

And, of course: to make mone. detail:  

choosing Your subject matter

many of you is probably tempted to write an ebook now, however have absolutely no concept what you’re going to put in writing it on. If that’s you, this section will assist. For the ones of you who think you have an concept and are ready to roll with it, I still think you ought to preserve reading. There are a lot of eBooks that promote nicely, and loads more that sell poorly. often, the topic of the ebook makes a huge difference to whether or no longer it will reach getting cash.

As a manner to help you narrow down the ideas buzzing round your head proper now, right here are a number of my guidelines to help you think about what subject matter you may write an e-book on:

  • What you recognize approximately – the very best way to create a outstanding product, of path, is to put in writing on a subject you already know inside out. i've been building websites for 4 years and creating a living with them for nearly , so I knew my challenge well. if you know about some thing, there’s additionally an excellent danger you’ll be passionate about it. this could make it some distance simpler to maintain working on the guide and additionally permits you to present the first-class advice possible.
  • What Your Readers want – As i've stated, it’s a long way less complicated to sell your very own products (particularly on a blog) than it's miles to promote matters as an associate. if you have an target audience already, why now not find out what they need? you could try this by way of developing a ballot and asking people especially, or you can take a look at your most popular web page pages / weblog posts and spot what your target market reacts to maximum.
  • how are you going to offer the most cost – accept as true with it or now not, we don’t constantly recognise what we want. consequently, asking your readers what they need in a manual may not virtually be what they want to buy. As an additional ‘test’ to make sure you're going to write an e-book on the proper topic, ask yourself what you could write approximately that might assist humans the maximum. it can no longer be something you have got the maximum information on, however you would possibly know enough to honestly assist people.
  • look around Your area of interest – sites like StumbleUpon, facebook and Twitter may be an absolute goldmine for product thoughts. in case you see what subjects your enterprise absolutely cares about, you may create a product that gives them exactly that. additionally, you can test out the pinnacle blogs in your industry and spot what they're promoting. It in no way hurts to ask a person if their product is selling nicely. while I don’t advise you reproduction what other human beings are setting obtainable, this can come up with some true ideas.

hopefully those recommendations have given you topic thoughts to your e-book. if you’re nevertheless looking for suggestions, leave a comment at the bottom of the publish and that i’m certain different readers right here assist you to brainstorm.

The introduction procedure

once you’ve decided you want to write an ebook and understand what subject matter it’s going to be about, it’s time to get commenced. There are a number of ebook creation equipment and software programs out there, but I maintain the process pretty simple. to start with, I write the whole lot in Open workplace. this is a loose workplace suite that works on all famous running systems.

quite a few equipment that could flip documents into PDF format do now not permit custom safety settings and maximum of them cannot export hyperlinks nicely. thankfully, Open workplace does now not have this hassle. In phrases of shape, i love to map out precisely what I’m going to speak about inside the guide and get all of my content sections down first. From there, i will slowly work in the direction of finishing the manual by using filling out a few every day.

After writing your manual, you probable want to work at the design. i use a few best covers on my eBooks so they look like actual bodily products. Of course, I do no longer faux they're extra than eBooks; it actually seems better. in addition to giving the design an outside look, you could additionally work at the internals. i like to begin the first web page of an ebook with another picture of the duvet and copyright records.

From there, I layout a pleasant footer with a view to display on each page so hold a popular ‘theme’ strolling throughout the manual. And, ultimately, I replace all headings with an actual photograph document in order that they appearance tons better. a variety of people layout their eBooks in a different way so that you should go searching earlier than just following my personal outline. To create the pics I personally learned a way to use Photoshop however you may also lease a person for reasonably-priced from Digitalpoint.

as soon as you have your ebook written and it’s looking pretty, you should then set-up a charge processor. this will will let you acquire cash in your guide and feature it automatically delivered to a buyer, instantly. I personally use e-Junkie to handle this method because it works perfectly and handles the whole lot behind the curtain for just $five according to month. I observed many different sites like Problogger and Copyblogger also use them.

Getting started out with e-junkie is quick and totally loose (7 day trial). you can upload your ebook PDF file into their admin region, set your price, and then you will acquire a ‘purchase now’ hyperlink code. This lets in you to send humans straight to PayPal to buy your guide. once the charge is authorized, e-junkie will automatically send the buyer the ebook, without you having to do some thing.

Now that the whole thing is in order and the price processor is taken care of, you’re going to want to have a look at selling your ebook.

advertising Your ebook

the sole challenge of writing an ebook is lamentably not enough to convey you the blessings that we discussed earlier — you certainly have to sell your paintings. The strategies concerned in marketing an ebook are very much like the tactics concerned in advertising anything on-line, but I’ll still share my suggestions right here:

  • Your target audience – My aim is to continually be definitely sincere with you men so the first issue I should say is that it is lots less complicated to sell and sell an ebook in case you already have an established target audience. Ask yourself whether it'd be sensible to accumulate your target audience a piece first before launching your first product. Darren Rowse at Problogger didn’t launch an e-book till his 5th year of writing for the website, but managed to drag in an estimated $450,000 (primarily based on my calculations the use of his public sales figures) from a $19 product. It’s by no means too overdue to launch a product, but it might be too early. when you have a longtime audience, that’s a exceptional area to begin to get your guide out there.
  • Networking – some months ago I attended a workshop in London which taught human beings the way to quit their day jobs. I didn’t visit study that though (I already have stop my task), but to find out about the way to educate people a way to end their activity. that is because I write approximately personal improvement and find it charming. although I didn’t go to this workshop to make cash, I really met a few people who have on the grounds that bought eBooks from me.
  • associates – Out of the $4,500 or so that the e-book made on the day of launch, around $500 of this cash become in associate commissions. I allow people to sell the product and if they refer a sale, i'm able to supply them 51% of $37, that is $18.87. i'm able to do this due to the fact it is loose for me to copy my PDF record, and i am getting my products in front of those who would no longer have in any other case recognised approximately them. To get associates, i like to cognizance on bloggers and gain their interest via frequently commenting or their web page or maybe writing some articles earlier than pitching some thing. give and you may receive. you could also use a service like Clickbank, which I’m going to be checking out quickly.
  • Offline Press – The motive this month goes to be the second exceptional month ever for Cloud dwelling is because I obtained some awesome offline press lately. i used to be featured in a piece of writing (percent) within the uk’s second largest newspaper about human beings creating a dwelling on line. This introduced thousands of human beings to my website and led to lots more sales than standard. If you can get featured in applicable, offline press, then which can do wonders on your on line income.
  • seek Engine traffic – I realize a few folks that create eBooks entirely for the sake of making money from the hunt engine visitors they're currently receiving. I also understand folks that purposefully construct eBooks and web sites in a spot because they are able to make money, no longer because they understand approximately the situation. If you may discover what troubles humans are attempting to find on-line, and rank within the pinnacle effects of Google with a method to that trouble (your guide), then there’s a lot of cash to be made. i've personally spoken to human beings making over $300,000 in keeping with year with this approach.

If I had to estimate what number of Cloud residing sales were based totally on those as a percentage, i would say:

  • unique target audience: seventy five%
  • affiliates: 15%
  • Offline Press: five%
  • engines like google: four%
  • Networking: 1%

If you may pull off any of those techniques nicely, you’re going to have an amazing hazard at making income and enjoying the other benefits that owning your own product has to provide. if you’re going to recognition on simply one or , then really paintings to accumulate your very own audience and benefit a listing of peers who would love to sell your product.

The very last info That I Couldn’t omit

I understand this has been an without a doubt monster post (even though I’m certain you are used to them via now), however there are a few greater factors I need to talk about to be able to make this guide as beneficial as possible. There a few matters that didn’t honestly fit into the alternative sections right here however simply should be discussed.

coping with Refunds

once I released Cloud living, I never mentioned any shape of cash-again guarantee. perhaps it might have extended income, but there have actually handiest been 3 refunds in over six hundred purchases. I definitely supposed to release the product with a 30-day money-back guarantee however since it become selling properly with that, I in no way made the alternate. If a person is virtually being scammy via shopping the e book and asking for a reimbursement inside the equal day or something of that nature, then i'm able to try now not to provide a refund as that only encourages scammers to con extra people.

If a person seems even slightly valid even though then i will thankfully deliver money back as quickly as feasible. It’s not well worth the feasible reputation control nightmare for the charge of 1 guide.


I for my part like to rate my merchandise across the $27 – $37 range whilst operating with eBooks. I understand inside the destiny, after I create bigger products with extra capabilities, that price will upward thrust pretty loads. The charge of your e-book should in reality be something you observed it is worth. in the end, you made it and if it doesn’t sell, you’re the one who has to cope with that.

Of course, ideally you'll want to choose a rate factor that is going to get you sales from the begin. rate too low and you run the threat of your product searching low-value and omit-worth. price it too excessive and you may alienate your target audience with an out-of-attain fee point. My advice for pricing is straightforward: see how other humans within the niche are pricing their courses, for what, and begin with something comparable.

I for my part assume it’s higher to rate a product too low than too high. if you price it too low then at the least you may get sales and might recognise to increase that. if you price your product too excessive and then need to bring that down, it is going to be clear for your audience that income are low and also you lose any social proof you could have had.

My personal fulfillment

This guide is simply my mind on creating a profitable e-book online. There may be better methods to do the whole thing i have advised, but those are the stairs I take. $30,000 is nothing compared to some of the launches out there, however the result is some thing I’m proud of and additionally something I think a lot of you right here would really like to reach.

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