SERPScribe Review: App researches, creates, & safely ranks content ‘all-in-one’


Kevin Cole first published this post in June 2013. After becoming a member of Location Rebel Academy in Oct 2012, he distributed his successes. Utilizing the steps discussed below, he could make $3,000 SEO writing in the first 8 weeks of starting his writing business.

We've been through and up to date this post for what works right now with SEO writing in 2017. If you have been considering offering SEO writing a go, this can help you begin today.



We get a huge amount of questions from people seeking to sign up for Location Rebel Academy requesting whether SEO writing still works - it can, and the purpose of this post is to format how. 

We've taken the initial put together of Kevin's post and modified it using what works today.

In this article, we cover the fundamentals. You are going to learn what SEO writing is, who it's for, why we don't believe it's lifeless, and getting started today.

Plus, you'll receive a few types of LRA members who've used SEO writing to create a business plus some email templates to really get your pitches ready to go.

If you're prepared to get started, continue reading!


Before we enter SEO writing, you should know a bit about SEO (search engine marketing).

Just what exactly is SEO exactly?

You've attended Google and keyed in a keyword, right? Once you devote your keyword and strike enter, you get webpages and webpages of results to the keyword.

The results near the top of the SERPScribe Review web page are usually considered by Yahoo (or whatever internet search engine you're using) as the best quality webpages. Every brand and site out there desire to be near the top of the serp's for his or her particular keyword.

It's not only prime real real estate, however the top results have more clicks.

Here's a true to life example.

In the event that you type the keyword 'topic site' into Yahoo this is exactly what you get:

Notice this web site (yay) is the #2 consequence. Because we get ranking so highly for the keyword, lots of men and women come to the site, resulting in more traffic, more users, and eventual new customers.

You can view why positioning highly for keywords is very important to brands. It could lead to more clients, and brands like this a lot.

So whenever a brand would like to get ranking higher in those search engine, they have to get their keywords out there. One of the better ways to achieve that is through building links back again to their site.

There are a variety of factors that get into building those links:

-           First, they desire a high-quality page on the site that can list.

-           Second, they want to ensure this site is optimized for the keyword they would like to rank for.

-           Finally, they need "social substantiation" by means of other websites linking back again to that page.

As an SEO copy writer, you come directly into improve that previous part.

What's SEO Writing?

SEO writing is focused on writing content that se's can understand easily. It's a kind of article writing that helps brands and websites get positioned in search motors for the precise keywords they're focusing on.

Brands need authors to help get their keywords out there.

How come this matter?

There's an SEO strategy called marketing with articles that is around for a long time.

The theory is to create a whole lot of articles all concentrating on a particular keyword and/or related keywords of the webpage you want to get ranking. These articles get submitted to various sites on multilple web sites and link back again to your page.

This tells Yahoo "oh hey, there's lots of links to the Rapid Profit System Review site, it must be good" plus they get ranking it higher.

In the internet marketing world content is ruler. Online marketing companies, brands, websites, and even bloggers need great content to perform an effective business. That is why they seek the services of SEO content authors.

As the article writer, it's your task to create articles that highlights a particular keyword, is good quality and can be easily read by Yahoo bots.

It's definitely not the most interesting of writing, but also for now, it's still a means for companies and brands to get their content and keywords placed. Since it's one of the very most basic means of building links, you may still find opportunities for authors who want to break right into generating income online in an basic level way.

Is SEO Writing Deceased?

There's lots of discuss blog article writing today. Think about SEO writing as a subset of this.

We won't sugarcoat it, is SEO writing harder now than it used to be? Yes.

Before, getting placed was as easy as developing a couple of SEO articles placing them online in the right places and enjoying your rankings expand.

These days it is not quite that easy.  

This plan became really popular in regards to a decade previously, and as a result of this, there is a increase in the quantity of individuals carrying it out.

As internet search engine algorithms have received smarter, it's become harder to reach your goals, due to the fact their quality rules have risen as well.

The good thing for you, though, is that there surely is less competition from unskilled freelance writers from places where British isn't the first terminology.

So, where some individuals see obstacles, other writers can easily see opportunity. They are in a position to position themselves as SEO content authors who know the fundamentals of SEO, know very well what the Yahoo algorithm wants, and can write articles that meet those suggestions.