ShopiRater Review: The secret to scaling ecom stores FAST from scratch


61% of customers read online reviews prior to making a purchase decision, and they're now needed for ShopiRater Review.

Reading user reviews are proven sales individuals, and something nearly all customers would want to see before making a decision to produce a purchase.

Below are a few engaging stats on reading user reviews, why they are excellent for SEO, why bad reviews are valuable, as well as how to use reviews in navigation and on product internet pages...

Why you will need customer reviews

There were so many positive advice of the worthiness of reviews for ecommerce, that the truth doesn't should be made ever again, though I'll make it again anyways.

Quite simply, reading user reviews increase conversions. They are able to eliminate any concerns customers may have in regards to a product, or can help product selection.

We like departing reviews too. Stats expose that 47% of Britons have examined products online, which implies there is absolutely no shortage of folks prepared to provide their ideas.

The stats

-           Corresponding to CPA Tactics Review stats, 50 or even more reviews per product often means a 4.6% upsurge in conversion rates.

-           63% of customers will make a obtain a site which includes reading user reviews. (iPerceptions, 2011).

-           Site guests who connect to both reviews and customer questions and email address details are 105% much more likely to acquire while browsing, and spend 11% more than site visitors who don't connect to UGC. (Bazaarvoice, Dialog Index, Q2 2011).

-           Consumer reviews are a lot more trusted (practically 12 times more) than information which come from manufacturers, matching to a review of US internet surfers by online training video review site EXPO. (eMarketer, Feb 2010).

-           Corresponding to Reevoo, reviews produce the average 18% uplift in sales.


The SEO great things about reviews

Bettering conversions and increasing customer experience should be the key purpose of reading user reviews, but let's remember the sizeable SEO benefits.

Included in these are:

Fresh, unique content for se's

Internet search engine spiders like unique content that is regularly up to date, and reading user reviews are a terrific way to get more content.

When many ecommerce sites just use the same standard company information and product requirements, user-generated content can distinguish a product site in the serp's.

That is important as it creates pages more beneficial to customers, and also escalates the chance of rank highly in the SERPs.  

Improve positions for 'product name' + review

Reviews are an extremely important area of the purchase voyage for online consumers. Indeed, a recently available survey discovered that 64% of consumers would read online reviews when purchasing technology items such as MP3 players and cams.

This does mean that more consumers will be looking for the name of the merchandise plus the expression 'review', or related words such as 'rankings'.

When you have reviews on your site, then you stand an improved chance of picking right up this traffic. =

Increased CTR on search engine pages

If review content is appropriately formatted, then these abundant snippets can help rises clickthroughs from search engine pages. Within the example below, the addition of the legend rating makes the 3rd result stick out:

Corresponding to stats from Distilled, these abundant snippets often means a 10-20% upsurge in click-through rates.

Long tail targeting

The excess content made by reading user reviews increases the potential for standing well for long tail queries.

Furthermore, people departing reviews have a tendency to use the same dialect that other folks use when actually looking for them.

Key SEO factors for reading user reviews


To make sure that search engines achieve your user made content, it must come in text form in the HTML. 

It's also advisable to avoid a reliance on JavaScript, cookies, Display, images, iFrames or other solutions that could limit the convenience of any content you want the various search engines to see.


Though snippets of reviews could seem on multiple internet pages, such as on category web pages, or advertised via the homepage, it's important that the entire review has an individual page and an individual URL. 

Breadth of content

As many web pages on the webpage as is possible should feature reading user reviews to increase the possibility to rank well because of this content and capitalise on long tail traffic.

Bad reviews are valuable too...

All reviews are valuable, and a variety of negative and positive reviews really helps to improve consumer rely upon the viewpoints they read.

Indeed, recent stats from Reevoo claim that the occurrence of bad reviews actuallyimproves conversions by 67%.

Reevoo found that folks that look for and read bad reviews convert better, as the actual fact they are paying such close attention means they will maintain purchase mode.

68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both bad and the good ratings, while 30% suspect censorship or faked reviews when they don't really see any negative ideas on the site.

Way too many bad reviews aren't best for business

The great things about bad reviews quite definitely will depend on the percentage of good to bad. The negative reviews make the positive ones more believable, but there's a point of which they ring security alarm bells for consumers.

If, for occasion, a product web page consists of 15 reviews, and two are negative, then your other 13 look trustworthy. If that percentage changes, from the different matter.

Recent research from Lightspeed discovered that between one and three bad online reviews would be adequate to deter almost all (67%) of purchasers from investing in a service or product.

The tolerance of bad reviews varies depending on age ranges. For instance, 28% of the 45-54 generation and 33% of 55-64 season olds would be deterred after reading two bad reviews, weighed against just 10% of 18 to 24s.

It also is determined by the sort of product available. A reserve, game or film will most likely divide point of view, but reviews of electric powered products which point out flaws could be more more likely to deter others.

Much is determined by the framework and just how reviews are viewed, which I'll check out elsewhere in this article.

How to build reviews from customers

Visitor blogger Mike Essex has stated 20 ways to draw in customer reviews, that ought to provide a lot of ideas.