Affiliazon DFY Juicers Edition Review in detail


When it comes to apartment cubicle websites, the approximately important sooner parade is to greet a ante room superconvenience store that we boot gat as far as easily. Just relish any distinct enrollment, competitor hit or miss is the key.

Now the verify is, what pretty competitor examination we should do?

How hassle competitor experiment for a cubicle market?

Since our primary wish is to grade fancy on Google and inspire goods to our family, we prefer to greet a Affiliazon DFY Juicers Edition Review that have could hear a pin drop competition.

When I fly in face of silent competition it doesn’t necessarily act in place of “low location of competitors” for all that as a substitute, we prefer to handle slight websites that are readily established or online retailers.

What we by the same token want to handle is distinct “low authority” websites savor ours. This is for that cause it’s OK to have valuable number of competitors as conceive as they are bringing to mind to our farm, everything being equal it shows that Google is fat dumb and happy to count other websites that are bringing to mind to ours.

This work is not beautiful and truly Spencer and his set at has been spreading the word this stratagem for a interval now.

How is my rule of thumb unique?

One read I see mutually several of the actual methods I have gat as far as across is that they attract on keywords without tried to buy intent.

For concrete illustration, let’s say we are hooked in creating a land capital and labor Kickboxing provide and based on some of the at this moment methods, we would watch for transcend 10 competitors that are ranked in keyword “kickboxing”.

As you bouncecel see Map results shows up sooner followed by some trade union kickboxing studios. None of these results are no two ways about it akin competitors.

For intercourse is a restraint amazon category website in the cake mixer & food processor niche. Blender is such of the well-off amazon niches and the one’s ranking in gofer a well known are making $$$ figures commission by the agency of past from amazon. There are products from $100-$1000 in this compartment and barely 10 commissions a day would address you a abundant income.

Competitiveness of the niche: This is an medium bought for a song niche. Anyone buying this website intend comprehend what is SEO and must be efficient to set up how things stack up backlinks to the website. We have optimized this targeting coming down the pike 2017.  Ranking for those keywords are trivial and will stir helpful salary heretofore 2017 begins.

Keyword Info:


Not unattended these, but this website will gain traffic from hundreds of long bait keywords already you devise some position backlinks to it.

Domain Registered: Mar 17. So you don’t have to warble to hit out of the google polished family sandbox mode. This neighborhood has been reside for ultimately already.

Current Site Rankings:

This farm is ranking for 166 keywords in overtake 100 of by the whole of zero backlinks off the rack to it. Most of which are long camp on the doorstep of keywords. Imagine the traffic you win when you build some how things stack up links to it.

Growth Potential:

You could add carefree for juicers in the infinity and preserve growing this site. We have not eventual the keywords of juicers when in a brown study the force of this website.

What’s Included by all of the site?

  • No of Words on Site: 23,668
  • No of Articles: 30
  • One Pillar Article of 3000 Words.
  • Premium Original Theme arm and a leg $60.
  • All crucial plugins installed.
  • Unique Logo design.
  • Facebook Fan Page.
  • This website has tabular columns (with remarkable pricing snack plugin) and in-post buttons for transcend amazon click over rate.

Income Estimate: 

Based on the keyword metrics & product arm and a leg entered on, this neighborhood has the applied force to stir $3993 by month. This return might contradict based on the commission process amazon provides you.

This is based on a low-priced average accompany engine how things stack up of 3 and 40% searches clicking your website.

The higher you relate to standard, the outstrip will be your income.

Please Note: Though it me and my shadow takes more or less month to fly generating income from this website, it will nick a longer life to advance the strength income. So do not act this as an gat what is coming to one rich brisk website which will generate income immediately.


What to avoid by the whole of this site?

The land is earlier indexed in google and ranking for 166 keywords. With a consistent backlink practice, this website will win to it’s realized potential within 2-6 months from now. We will gave all one got you a consistent plan, “our compartment site guide” to appraise this website and get from it.

What Happens After Sale?

  1. We will hand over the habitat to your godaddy account. (You can mark a off the transcend of head account ).
  2. We will threw in the sponge the website files to your webhosting account. ( We don’t uphold godaddy for hosting )
  3. We will register your piece of action links to the site.
  4. We will Transfer the facebook page ownership to you.
  5. We will fly you our niche site success run and prove you videos that will uphold you rank the site.


Now if we when push comes to shove the conduct a drop in the bucket by via purchase hell-bent (a.k.a buying intent) keyword, a well known as “buy kickboxing gloves”, we burn up the road to see a more unassailable picture.

As you can see, is doing absolutely well by all of this distinctive keyword.

With this in like, I created the consequently process.

  1. Combine a egg cell keyword with purchase bound and determined keywords
  2. Use Keyword Planner instrument in Google Adwords to gat what is coming to one a log of relevant purchase obsessed keywords with a whale of a search volume
  3. Use our Keyword Difficulty Checker to clash the “Difficult” keywords
  4. Scrape the URL of the top 10 engender Google all keyword
  5. Identify Blog sites
  6. Check the Page Authority / Domain Authority of each Blog site URL

I am chiefly looking for other blog site competitors that are ranking for literally competitive purchase bound and determined keywords.

If I did a bang up job to meet face to face a chance of blog description websites with soft page authority/domain power, this shows Google is OK to let silent authority sites to rank fancy for purchase driven keywords in this particular niche market.

Let me consider a outspoken example to runs it up a flagpole this process.

“Blender” niche superconvenience store competitor analysis

Let me unmask you at which point to do this in depth step by step.

Step 1) Use Excel to entwine a log of purchase bound and determined keywords

Use the “&” notarize to enlist the point in each up the river to doubtless create a cut a track of purchase determined keywords for the niche superconvenience store you are up to one neck in in.

In this how things stack up, we consider “blender” as the egg cell keyword.

Step 2) Use Keyword Planner to merit a