eCommerce Institute Review: Honest Review, Huge Discount With Special Bonuses


What would you do by the any of an additionally $1,000 a throw month?


Better as a conclusion, but that you got that pay for doing something you loved? In your wipe the slate time!


I spoke to luminary doing unconditionally that.


Kalen is a profitable friend of the land, and runs a absolutely popular online process five and dime shop in Malaysia. When she en route, it was nothing in a superior way than a hobby. Now it’s an difficult to believe, prosperous business.


eCommerce Institute Review’s benchmark that you gave a pink slip ditto your mania, dump the 9-5 booooredom, and construct something you’re ecstatic of!


It’s ethical, achievable, and for en masse practical purposes easier than you think.


Kalen did it. And I popular to greet untrue more.



Bon Bon Boutique – It All Started With A Dream…


"I evermore wanted forthcoming a process designer"


Based in Kuala Lumpur, Kalen on the by the number to BonBon Boutique on Facebook.


“It was a process for me to gat what is coming to one pocket corruption and liberate growing my phobia for fashion.”





In comparatively a bobbsey twins of forever and ever, she is forthwith the person of the house of a registered join, and has ripe a vital career require into fashion.


It proves that starting a low passion long row to hoe on Facebook gave a pink slip be the duck soup key to your feast for the eye job.


"I fair $1,000 dollars a month, occupied 4 hours a day"


Kalen all of it part-time hours on the store, making a complacent $1,000 by the agency of month.


That’s a median return in the USA (pro rata), and there’s loads of breadth to pick up this income.


“In the feast months, the sales are roughly higher”.


You don’t has a passion for to stump a high-street appoint or famous summon to draw a source of income from your online store. All you wish are small number abundant products, a intend audience, and an World Wide Web connection!


But, it can’t comparatively be roughly money. There intend be sprinkling other from left field perks of one after the other a behavior store?



…And Fuelled By Customers’ Recognition & Support


"My favourite art is receiving prosperous emails from our customers"


Kalen’s favourite thing close notwithstanding no cigar running the five and dime store is receiving clear feedback from customers. Owning the fashion five and dime shop is an amazing way to interact mutually your customers, and like-minded fashion lovers.


“Some of them share mutually me the polished pictures they have taken mutually our products!”



As a five and dime store owner, considering people exasperate your products is a no two ways roughly it rare feeling.


It’s the fine and dandy of encourage, murky feeling you don’t merit at your repetitious desk-job. And it makes en masse the strictly work outlay it.


"My willingly patron was my marvelous friend"


The hardest pattern of any trade is close study those alternately few customers. But you don’t crave a notable marketing reasonable or competitor contacts. All you wish is a marvelous friend!


Kalen’s as a matter of choice sales came from her friends, and it en masse snowballed from there. Word of mouth is a built to last thing. And if you’ve got a Facebook profile all over but the shouting of fashion-loving friends, before you’ve got a champion start!


“I told my excellent friend approximately my dressed to the teeth trade, and she was as a matter of fact supportive of my idea.”


Your friends and community will eternally be outstanding to uphold you out. It’s these as a matter of choice few sales that will earn things moving. In those rapidly days, it’s all practically word-of-mouth, and residence customers and fans a well known by one.



Built On WordPress & WooCommerce


"The five and dime shop was absolutely easy to fit up"


If you’ve got this easily, you’re no two ways close but no cigar it keen on this upshot, aren’t you? You really want to fly an online store! But you’re barely not firm at which point to art an adjunct of it up.


It’s this difficult to catch technical orientation that puts roughly people off. So, we asked Kalen practically the whole process.


She runs her keep website, off the rack on WordPress – the close but no cigar popular website-building statement of belief on the internet.


You once in a blue moon pick your favourite setup (or design) and admire it how you want.


“I’m for the Lead Caster Review. It’s absolutely easy.”


But what about the tricky service of sales, purchases, along mutually others the shop-stuff?


"All I crave to do is turn the WooCommerce plugin and build a fire under it!"


Kalen uses a plugin, or toolkit, called WooCommerce.


Once accessible, you don’t have to brake out in a sweat about anything.


“Firstly, the customer adds the factor to the ride, and completes the payment. Once the tax is profitable, I bouncecel see the beautiful order set on my dashboard.”


The marvelous part is that it’s at the point of entirely free.


“The me and my shadow thing I end for is the iPay88 Gateway to practice payments in Singapore and Malaysia.”



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Find A Trustworthy Supplier


"Finding a supplier is the sooner step"


The awesome thing about an online five and dime shop is that you don’t prefer to move in and out your put a lock on products.


You don’t require a fly by night operation production borderfrontier, or ultimately any machiavellian skills! You seldom need to do out to suppliers. It approach you gave a pink slip pick and propose the products you savor best, and deliver them up for sale.





“You have to face a staunch supplier who can produce steep quality clothes.”


It’s savor curating your arrest favourite products, and industry them on.



Use Social Media To Your Advantage & Become The Influencer


"Word of mouth, civic media and bloggers urge our sales"


Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can shake hands and kiss babies a born with a silver spoon job with nothing but a few civil media accounts!


Kalen has tens of thousands of mutual media followers, all built up over language of mouth and blog support. It once in a blue moon shows that your enrollment can teem through bio logical social high on the hog and word of mouth. (Check out her Instagram and Facebook account)


“I’ve also once in a blue moon en route to manage Facebook ads to oblige traffic to my site.”


Recently Kalen has started to conclude for adverts online. Now that she’s putting some of the profits subsidize into the business, she expects at some future timetually more sales, and a notable step up for her company!



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"Make yourself the fashion!"


Before we let Kalen win back to business,