ExPersona Review - Engage Customers in Website's Pop-Ups


t's no magic formula: Scarcity marketing works. People always want what they can not have because they think the lawn is greener on the other hand.

Many marketers already are using scarcity in their e-mail marketing, but just a few are employing it right.

If you are using scarcity in your marketing, it’s likely that I'm discussing you.

One misunderstanding with scarcity is the fact you desire a good discount to get visitors to act.


In this particular exPersona Review, I'll demonstrate six killer scarcity example for email which means you can boost your ROI (without resorting to sleezy marketing practices).

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What's Scarcity Marketing?

Scarcity marketing targets consumers' concern with losing their liberty of choice.

To put it simply, if something isn't available, it instantly becomes more appealing.

In his publication, Theory of Psychological Reactance, Jack port Brehm recounts exploring this phenomenon.

First, he located two identical child toys in an area.

One possessed a plexiglass hurdle before it forcing the small children to bypass the hurdle to get that. The other toy was available in front of these.

It's likely you have guessed where I am going with this...

One of the most attractive toy was the the one that had the hurdle before it.

The same theory works in marketing.

Generally, scarcity is employed regarding the a discount that's only designed for a limited timeframe, and the emphasis is on the discount rather than the urgency of the offer.


The trouble, though, is many marketers think the discount is the result in. It's not. It is the urgency of the discount.

Thus, they discount their new products--despite claiming they're the best on the marketplace.

When your product is that good, then why would you will need to discount it?

I'm always arguing never to do what every person else does, and I'm not heading to avoid now.

The simple truth is, there are different ways to make use of scarcity and never have to lower the price tag on your product.

For example, limited product supply is effective without discounting (if not better).

We have a tendency to associate limited availableness with exclusivity. If things are difficult to get, we realize it is because they're much better than the items we curently have.

As a result, consumers use an item's availableness to select the grade of the product.

People don't believe about the actual fact that it is a psychological effect that's creating us to want something. We realize we wish it. And because we have to make sense of the sense, we assign that positive features to justify our desire.

In his publication, Impact: The Mindset of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini argues that the thought of potential loss is important in how exactly we make decisions.

How frequently have you been more encouraged by the chance of burning off something than increasing something of similar value?

Lots of times right?



Take Black Fri for example.

People awaken at inhuman time. They enter line all night in the freezing chilly. Why? To allow them to get their practical the new LEGO Celebrity Wars place that's discounted for $49.99 before it's sold-out. (I already have no idea what Legend Wars LEGOs cost so don't take me through to this).

We realize this sensation as worries of really missing out (FOMO).

68% of millennial consumers say they might buy something after experiencing FOMO, frequently within a day.

No one desires to feel overlooked, particularly if much is shared. But there's more to scarcity and FOMO than money saving deals.

Now that you understand why you need to use scarcity, let's look into some WP Plugins to demonstrate how.

Send These 6 Scarcity-Driven E-mails to improve Sales

The usage of scarcity in e-mail marketing usually appears like this:


(This is a genuine screenshot of my inbox--no kidding)

There's a deal and it ends soon. Nearly all consumers obtain so several "sale ends soon" email messages that they've developed a blindness because of this kind of scarcity.

If you make discounts available, often, audience come to anticipate it, and the scarcity of your offer is no more as compelling.

So what in the event you do instead?

  1. The Few-Items-Left Tactic

Another effective scarcity marketing technique is the "few items remaining" tactic.

Building on the earlier mentioned research, Jack port Brehm developed the subconscious reactance theory to make clear the human respond to diminishing personal control.

Everyone’s doing time-limited sales nowadays. So, if you want to stand out from the competition, you need to take your scarcity marketing to a new level.

If you believe in your product there’s no reason to host time-limited sales every other week to get people to buy.

Instead, use some of the above strategies and focus on the exclusivity of your product. Get people to buy now instead of later (read: never) and watch your sales soar.

Which tactic are you going to use first? Are you going to use a device-specific tactic? Or, are you going to limit availability? Leave a comment below.