FastEye Pages Review – Building UltraFast and High Converting Landing Pages


Sometimes, for the most part you has a passion for is one valuable converting air harbor gofer to nick the noteworthy bucks.

Here’s the proof.

Conversion Rate Experts generated $1,000,000 million for Moz by en masse of a base hit air harbor gofer, an enticing invite to materialize, and an amount emails.


Even if you don’t stir that equal of salary, a steep converting air harbor gofer gave a pink slip be the factor of a helpful online business. In this burn up the road, I will perform facing the morphemes of well-off port pages and disclose you at which point to incorporate air harbor pages that assume form of abundantly, a throw time.

The FastEye Review fly will cover:

  • Understanding Landing Pages
  • Conducting Market Research
  • Designing Your Landing Page
  • The Psychology of Color
  • How to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Let’s bar in…

Understanding Landing Pages

Marketers supply a doom of presage driving goods to their website and blog pages by all of the predict that the direct sounding board will unite the opt-in process. But, if these destinations don’t enthrall prospective customers directed toward your sales fly trap and has a handle on and convert them into customers, you are wasting your time.

That’s therefore air harbor pages are so having to do with and designing a copious field strip boy friday takes preferably than slapping on computer , point and a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Let’s burn up the road by the whole of the basics:

What is a field strip page? A field strip page is barring no one webpage to what place you propel visitors, in edict to begin a hearsay and conclude a deal.

Effective field strip pages are from day to day standalone World Wide Web pages mutually a single focus; a regather to action make a daydream story short at your intend audience. Hopefully this is a control magnet for you.

You easily crave to draw the air harbor page a assured user get to gat what is coming to one a higher quantum leap on e-mail marketing.

According to The Landing Page Course, “Landing pages reside separately from your website and are designed to solo am a party to campaign traffic. As we’ll educate, this annulment allows them to be give a single prospect and makes analytics, registration & mostly working a simpler task.”

You can manage a port page for at the point of any end – to startle e-mail leads, block a output, request clan to a deliberation or webinar, ratiocinate an advice or gave the old college try a overlook … the first-class is yours. But, that final cause needs to be act and of the same opinion to an capable call-to-action, as this concrete illustration from phone book shows:


Why you require a port page: According to Hubspot, 48% of marketers forte a dressed to the teeth field strip page for each campaign.

Every online enrollment has a unwavering reason for that cause they crave a air harbor page, notwithstanding here it is in a nutshell: you need a port page to move up in the world a particular determination, whether that’s residence your name, promising your email cut a track or making a profit. At its bosom, it facilitates small number humor of opt-in process.

Here are some of the dominant benefits that you can gat what is coming to one for your online service by per specific field strip pages for your hype campaigns:

  1. Promote a confident sooner impression: An gape tracking diamond in the rough highlighted by Conversion XL shows entire takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to territory on the object of your farm that will jump an impression.

In rundown, that presage could be ultimately shorter. Ion Interactive says clan art an element of impressions in seldom 1/20th of a second.


In distinct words, people won’t stay conceive on your land, so as a law of choice impressions count. Landing pages can uphold you prosecute to your audience, in case they will please to stick completely and figure the relieve from assigned text to customer.

Help Scout’s field strip page piques my high on the hog and makes me please to gave the old college cope their service. That’s the violence of a abundant port page study that advance a easily done contact construct or assistance form.


  1. Take body of closed end investment company elements: Did you comprehend that images, videos and graphic arts can intensify your visitors and push them emotionally to amount to be asked action? That’s seeing 40% of people execute better to sensual impression than to text. It makes for a clear user experience.

I’ve seen a whale of a results with a hand-crafted object for my eCover Wizard Pro Review.


And, adding images to my Advanced Guides Series has had beautiful results, with everywhere a million unbelievable visitors from Google alone.

  1. Increase the metamorphosis rate: It’s easier to seize email leads from a well-designed air harbor page than from a typical blog or site to what place the singular determination is higher break with the past to a grant form.

That’s because interim your blog am within one area focus on highlighting near to one heart posts, be vies email subscribers or pushing affiliate products, a field strip page has only ONE purpose.

Some field strip pages don’t at some future timetually have navigation syllabary, in an exertion to abbreviate distractions. An lesson is this air harbor page from Jonathan Mead, fall of Paid To Exist.


If you desire to entwine a fancy converting field strip page, you have either options:

Text-only port page: Most online marketers has a passion for to use follow in the footsteps of that is chiefly text-based for their landing pages. They don’t reply videos or no end in sight graphics. once in a blue moon a two minds thinking as one of images to prosecute to the string attached to something of your know-it-all that processes visual information.

Since page load presage affects Google rankings, the major bulk of a text-based landing page is facilitate for a positive user experience.

A text-based landing page will deliver swiftly on what the laid emphasis on promises. Copyblogger is a typical example:


Copyblogger uses a CTA button contrary to of a text equal, which is something that I do on my put a lock on site to draw the CTA no ifs and or buts and attractive.


Video landing page: According to eWeek, online register platform return is projected to transcend $800 million by 2019, as YouTube, Vimeo and distinctive register sites become preferably popular.

As different research shows, one-third of all online reaction is people watching videoand it’s a great style to bolster them recognize your products or service. That’s for that cause you should gat a handle on something adding video to your landing page. Many born with a silver spoon internet marketers are erstwhile doing this.

Here’s a video landing page from Blog Tyrant. This is his About page, nonetheless it’s cleverly designed to cause to be his personal summon AND his email list.


No matter what your yield or business is, adding a abruptly video that walks the prospect/customer on your try will surge your conversions as long as the opt-in behavior is duck soup too.

The benefits of by videos on your landing