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The brand new year has come and when you are in the digital marketing industry, it is time to consider: "What will be the largest digital marketing trend for 2017?


2017 is likely to be each year when GIF will celebrate its 30th anniversary. And according to predictions of some digital marketing experts, it is also going to be always a year when GIF will reach its highest potential in digital marketing industry.

What's GIF and exactly what does it are a symbol of?

GIF means for Graphics Interchange Format and it was introduced back 1987 by Steve Wilhite of CompuServe as a fresh way to provide a moving image. It's a graphic file, just like a JPG or PNG, it generally does not contain sound, but it can contain animation.

Usually produced from elements of videos or multiple static images, animated GIFs have viral appeal, and because of Tumblr, reach heightened popularity, especially in the GifPublishr Review. Back 2012 word "GIF" was named the Oxford Dictionary Word of the entire year. They have grown to be an integral part of internet culture as a commonplace inside our digital lives, from news to sports highlights to daily philosophical and comic relief.


Facts And Stats About GIFs

Weighed against photos, GIFs are more desirable and far better in SOCIAL WEBSITES strategy and weighed against videos, it requires less time to generate them and they're cheaper and better to make.

Currently, GIF kind of the format is shared more than JPEG or PNG format, in line with the stats from W3tech.


The entertainment value of GIFs is pretty obvious, but also for days gone by years, brands have recognized its business value as well. You shouldn't be surprised if you start to see increasingly more brands using GIFs as an important part of these SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING strategy because according to Affiliate Funnel Clones Review, more than 84 percent of communication in 2018 will be visual. It's properly natural to note that GIFs 're going te be considered a crucial digital marketing trend for 2017. The actual fact that folks only remember 20 percent of the written text they read without visuals is sending everyone an easy message - a visual power is more important than ever before. And according to HubSpot, when people hear information, they're more likely to remember only ten percent of this information three days later. However, if another image is paired with that same information, people retained 65 percent of the info three days later.

For days gone by five years, Google Trends implies that the eye for GIFs has increased dynamically and it's really still rising.


According to Giphy's CEO, Alex Chung, an image will probably be worth one thousand words, but as "the common GIF contains sixty frames, then they're with the capacity of conveying 60,000 words - exactly like the common novel."

Forbes recently announced that Giphy passes 100 million daily users who send 1 billion GIFs every day. Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Tinder and so many more popular services all hook up to Giphy's library, which includes its own internet search engine for tagging and surfacing specific types of GIF. You'll find and share GIFs just about everywhere, including Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and so many more popular Social Media sites.

According to Viking PLR: Video Marketing Review, back 2015 were around 150 million original GIFs, and NY Times tried to acquire the amount of GIFs on typically the most popular internet sites, numbering:

-            23 million GIFs are posted to Tumblr every day

-            5 million GIFs are exchanged on Facebook Messenger daily

-            More than 2 million GIF interactions happen on Slack monthly

Today GIF viewers via Giphy watch more than 2 million hours of GIFs each day, and GIFs have emerged by more than 100 million daily active users.

Still not convinced that GIFs will be the very best Digital Marketing trend for 2017?


According to HubSpot, visual content is more than 40X much more likely to get shared on SOCIAL NETWORKING than other styles of content, so it is evident why many famous brands use GIFs to connect to their followers. For instance, NASA uses GIFs of satellite imagery and Coca-Colla and Disney have their own Tumblr blog which is packed with their personal branded GIFs.

Giphy runs its studio in LA for customers such as Converse, FOX, McDonald's, Nike and Paramount.

Discussing Digital Marketing trend for 2017, GIFs are generally found in e-mail campaigns because video in email continues to be not supported atlanta divorce attorneys email client. Web-based email clients like Gmail or Yahoo will display GIFs, but desktop email clients like Outlook won't.

Dell saw impressive results from its first GIF-centered email campaign, as it measured:

-            6 percent upsurge in open rate

-            42 percent upsurge in click rate

-            103 percent upsurge in conversion rate

-            109 percent upsurge in revenue

Netflix has taken a complete new degree of use of GIFs by with them for a patio advertising campaign.

How to locate and the way to create GIFs?

There are a great number of places available online to purchase or create GIFs.

I've made a curated set of the 17 most used websites and programs for finding and creating GIFs:

-            Giphy

-            GifBin

-            GifMaker

-            EzGif

-            MakeAGif

-            ImgFlip

-            Phhhoto

-            GifPorn

-            Boomerang

-            Giphy Cam

-            Popkey

-            Reaction Gifs

-            GifGrabber


-            Recordit

-            Reddit (/r/gifs)

-            Imgur (/r/gifs)

If you're acquainted with Photoshop you can certainly create GIFs employing this software, and Creative Techs has made a great article how to do it. You'll find their tutorial here.

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  1. GIFs can help humanize your brand

GIFs provide you with the ability to bring personality to your brand (which may be a secret weapon as it pertains to reaching high engagement rates). Just how do they do that? GIFs help us convey emotion without really needing to say anything, and, moreover, they make your audience feel emotion.

For instance, I manage our social accounts (follow us!), and someone recently tweeted us telling us that they love our content.