InstaFlip360 Review - Easy Way to Turn $10 into Hundreds


Investors willing to put in the time and money can make tidy profits by "flipping" houses: buying broken-down properties and putting in the work to turn them into valuable pieces of real estate. In the Internet age, savvy businessmen can make money doing the same thing online with online properties by what is called "flipping" websites: they buy weak websites, put in the work developing them into financially lucrative virtual real estate and then sell them for a profit.

Buying a Website

The critical first step in InstaFlip360 Review is finding a website worth flipping. Businessmen interested in flipping a website look for Web properties that are viable and promising from a business perspective, but not currently living up to the potential the flipper sees in them. This could be because the present ownership is under-performing, or because the website is in an industry or search term area that the flipper believes is poised to take off in terms of consumer demand in the near future. Website flippers can seek out such websites and contact their owners directly. Alternately, owners can list their own websites for sale at website brokerage sites like Flippa, WebsiteBroker or DigitalPoint.

Website Work

Upon acquiring a website, a flipper generally goes to work on the site itself in the same way that home flippers renovate physical property. This can include both cosmetic changes to improve the website's appearance and user interface, as well as under the hood work engineering work on the software that powers the site. Beyond technical work, website flippers also generally work to improve the site's content and overall quality. Website flippers often purchase websites in their area of expertise so they can use their own knowledge to work on the site's content. However, only the most technically adept website flippers can work on the site's code without bringing Web developers onto the project.

Drive Traffic

Whether a website's business model is based around selling products and selling services or purely content serving pay-per-click advertising, financial success is dependent upon a website's stream of traffic. Consequently, building up a website's number of daily visitors is a critical component to making that website valuable enough to sell for a profit. Website flippers will build up this statistic through marketing efforts in addition to search engine optimization techniques. These SEO techniques can include Adsense Machine Review and working to create a network of links back to the website from other reputable Internet properties.


The ultimate goal of website flipping is to return the website to the market, this time as a lucrative business ready to provide a buyer with immediate income rather than a fixer-upper. Website flippers can reach out to potential buyers through private channels, or they can return their improved properties to the same online marketplaces where they originally purchased the virtual real estate. As the businessman is selling a business to another businessman, he needs to be ready with documentation to prove the website's value to discerning buyers doing their due diligence.

Website Flipping Successes

While most website flips make the businessmen who renovated the virtual properties only a few hundred or few thousand dollars on their original investment, a few have flipped websites for six to eight figure profits. Dave Hermansen purchased a website, "," which he felt was a poorly designed and executed online property for $1,800. He worked on the site then sold it three years later for $173,000. An even more spectacular success is Matt Barrie, who purchased "," a site that connected people in need of digital contractors with digital contractors looking for work. He previously used the website's services and thought that its premise held tremendous promise, so he bought the site to improve its aesthetics and make it more user-friendly. Barrie's work earned him more than $40 million for his flipped the site as ""

Some people will set up a website and claim it's making millions in a month or so and they want to sell it for $100,000. Now this is an instant red flag because if it's making 10 times what the seller is asking for, why would they be selling? I know if I had a website making even $20,000 a month I would be asking for at least $100,000 since that's what the normal business model would be. You can sell a website for roughly a 6-24 month profit depending on if the website has good branding and you can build on it further. Some sellers will even falsify their traffic by buying traffic packages from random websites just so they can submit google analytics reports that show a low bounce rate, high unique visitors and 10 pageviews per visit. Now these are all false, but it's difficult to tell just from images and people will buy. In short, don't be a scammer and say your website is the best when it only gets 3 people a day and making $0.01 a day.

Building The website:
Building a website on a domain is pretty easy for most of us. Putting up shared hosting account and dropping your domain on it with a free wordpress theme is only a few clicks and around $5 a month. If you can set up a website, or auto blog, to generate content for you then this is your best bet. You'll have to edit all the content as it comes in, so make sure you are pulling content from sources that aren't super well known. This way you can become a bigger authority than them and actually get indexed before their pages do. Over time you can generate a good amount of traffic and sell it to a buyer. You can even contact your competition and try selling it to them 

Now I'll talk about domain flipping

Time Of Ownership:
You may get what you think is a great domain name, but others don't see how it could be a good one. You could be holding onto that domain for a few years, and that's never really profitable unless you build up a website.

Getting The Right Domain:
Obtaining the right domain can be difficult. You can pay $100 for a great domain and $10 a year after, so now you're looking at $110 for the first two years of ownership. Now you have to sell that domain for at least $110 within the first 2 years in order to break even. Not difficult right? Wrong! You need to get the domain name in front of people and market the hell out of it which takes time. And time is money. Be strategic when buying domains, buy ones you know will sell for sure. Buy domains that are semi taken already, just get a different extension. If someone owns then you buy,, and so on. This way you can pitch them the domains for a little more than what you paid for.

Buying Pre-Owned Domains:
You can snipe domains that are expiring and sell them back to the website/business that previously owned them. This is kind of a shady method since you could be dealing with lawyers if the business has trademarks on the name. Kind of like if was available and you buy it then try selling it to They would basically give you the money you paid for it and you'd be in hot water if you tried it again lol 

Built Up Domains:
Now some people put a lot of time into their websites and build up the domains. You can actually get domains with a decent PR and numerous backlinks which would be easy to rank and bank. Or you can put a website on the domain and build it up a little more and then flip it 

In the end, I would say to build up a website on the domain and flip it. It's the less risky of all the method and you can actually make money off of monitizing the pages with adsense. If you're making enough to pay for your hosting, you're on the right way to profiting in the long run.