Tube Rank Machine Review - How To Rank Your Videos On The First Page Of Google & Youtube Fast


Rating a YouTube training video is not really a tough job in any way?

It only seems like this!

Yes! You are right, It's about YouTube SEO.

If rightly done, you will struck the 1st i'm all over this both se's.

I'm discussing Yahoo & YouTube. But to be number 1, it is not only about SEO.

A problem is: Tube Ranking Machine Review

Your video tutorial must be of this quality and relevancy.

Once you have done both things, You'll rock and roll.

But how to achieve that?

Today, I'm again with my brilliant buddy to share best YouTube SEO Tips, in properly drafted guide's form.

So continue reading beside me, while I'm writing simply for you.

I have no idea either you prefer it or not, but i offer you Bonus Learning Hint with each of my post.

Here's for today:

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Well, let's not be any more off-topic and make contact with our major conversation.

You start with:

Chapter #1

Keyword Research

SEO is not at all something like "Plug-and-play".

You must continue learning the changing developments, while keeping a perfect tabs on its basic terminologies.

Very first and intensely important terminology is key word research.

No matter either for Blogging or YouTube training video ranking, KEY WORD RESEARCH plays essential role.

In-fact, a bit more specifically I will use the term YouTube KEY WORD RESEARCH.

Which really is a little different when compared with our traditional Bingify Review

And the ultimate way to find these keywords, is looking at YouTube Suggestions.

Because largely views result from these recommendation, as visitors are too sluggish to enter the entire keyword and conclude pressing one of the recommendations.

Guess what happens?

There are always a tons of keywords that have high queries in yahoo while suprisingly low in YouTube.

Plus some others are vice versa.

That is why I said it's KEY WORD RESEARCH is just a little different.

Hence you will need  to find perfect keywords for your training video to get maximum views and 1st place standing.


Let me demonstrate some cool ways.

Many people is only going to tell you only 1 way that is "Auto Suggestion".

But today, the situation is just a little different.

I'll let you know the best ways to find Perfect Keywords for your videos.

#1. YouTube Suggest

Its same like Yahoo Search.

You merely need to type a Keyword in YouTube Search and it'll show you even more keywords related to your primary keyword.

Just enter a keyword in YouTube search and it'll demonstrate more related to your primary keyword.

Wait! Its insufficient i received something really much better than this Wall Calendars Empire Review

Pro Idea: You merely need to place an underscore ("_") prior to starting a keyword and it'll demonstrate all what before your keyword.

You should use this underscore ("_") by the end of the keyword too.


#2. Video tutorial Keywords

Second there are typical video tutorial keywords.

Your intellects still might be at:

"What exactly are these Video tutorial Keywords?"

Right ! Wait, I want to clear this...

Whenever we search some keywords in search engines like Yahoo, we usually get websites in SERPs.

Nevertheless, you may have pointed out that sometimes you get videos browsing results, more than merely written content.

These queries are "Video Keywords."?

Not yet determined yet? Have a look at this:

Can You Reckon a few Video tutorial Keywords?

Make an effort to do some tests with below pointed out info:

In general, Yahoo tends to screen training video results for these kind of keywords:

-           Keywords you start with "HOW EXACTLY TO."?

-           Reviews

-           Tutorials

-           Keywords with the term "Video."?

-           Tracks/Movies

-           Watch

Next is very on your end.

After all do experiments when using previously listed words together with your niche market to make some training video keywords.


You should use key word research tools like Yahoo Keyword Planner, MOZ Keyword Explorer or any other you usually use to explore relevant keywords.

Filter your video tutorial keywords from the list you create by using different tools, and you might inspect each and every keyword in yahoo to find in the event that's actually a video recording keyword or not.

Now, you understand the both solutions to find the perfect keywords for your Videos.

That may b placed on Yahoo and YouTube too.

Next is a cool addition.

#3. Yahoo Trends

Well I have no idea why, but my friend Afraz loves it a great deal.

Google Tendencies Tool is easy and contains a great deal of information to set-up our useful predictions about consumer intention.

I am hoping you all know that: