UpViral Review - How To Make Anything Go Viral?


Do you know anyone with a business so successful that they say things like “I can’t possibly handle any more customers?”  I don’t. Every salesperson I know is constantly hunting leads, chasing sales, and salivating after clients they can close.


That’s what selling is, right?  What if I told you it doesn’t have to be?


With UpViral and Wilco de Kreij, you can take your existing social network and make it blow up with affiliate income.


Who is Wilco de Kreij?


He’s a guy with a really cool name, for starters.


Wilco is what they call a “serial entrepreneur” which essentially means he starts a business, sees it flourish, then lets others take over while he moves on to something else.  He builds his net worth through this method.


He is a self-described marketing nerd and automation geek.


De Kreij is a man of many ideas and excellent follow-through.  If you are too, he has much to teach you.


He resides in the Netherlands, where he became the founder of UpViral and ConnectionIO.


What the heck is UpViral anyway?


Perhaps the bigger question isn’t what UpViral is, but what it does.  UpViral is a method for using affiliate links to make money spreading a solid message.


Before you counter that internet ads are annoying—think about how many times you’ve found yourself intrigued by an online ad, a photo, or a catchy headline?  Now think about how rich you’d be if you saw some of the revenue every time one of your ideas was seen by someone else!


How much time and costs are you currently spending on social media marketing?  Are you slow growth or are you looking for speedy results? Do you use tools to compare your campaigns to see what’s working and what’s stalling?  If not—you need UpViral—and you need it ASAP.


There’s a lot to like here, and even more to learn.  Here are a few of my favorite parts of the UpViral program:

  • Giveaways!  I love giveaways, but who can afford to give stuff away for free. 
  • Viral product launches.  These are amazing.
  • Early access to products in exchange for referrals.
  • Compatibility with the tools I’m already using.  I’m not opposed to work hard, but I HATE doing the same work over and over because of incompatibility.
  • Split testing.  This is huge and something I didn’t know about before.
  • Upsells that are really, truly, not annoying.
  • Lifetime access


One of the things de Kreij stresses, that I’ll emphasize again, is that this program isn’t for everyone.  If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions tailored to your exact products, that’s not what this is.


If you’re not into the idea of learning a method and then jumping in, experiencing trial and error and learning from failed campaigns, this might not be for you.  UpViral is a method for aspiring business owners and go-getters ready and willing to go the extra mile.


If that does sound like you, I urge you to waste no time signing up for UpViral.  


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