VisualAi Review - Schedule & Automated Your Instagram Posts


Since Instagram began sorting articles on users' give food to with an algorithm, many marketers have seen a drop in their organic and natural reach and proposal.

But it doesn't need to be the situation for you. Actually, maybe it's possible so that you can reach more of your enthusiasts now than with no new Instagram algorithm.

With this Visualai Review, we'll promote 10 straightforward methods for you to use to boost your organic and natural reach on Instagram today.


Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

Here is a quick side-note: Focusing on how the Instagram algorithm works are a good idea in determining how to boost your organic and natural reach in the algorithmic-feed world.

We've dug in to the Instagram algorithm and divided the seven key factors of the Instagram algorithm. If you want to find out about the algorithm and exactly how it rates content on users' give food to, feel absolve to strike the button below to learn the post first.

Find out about the Instagram algorithm

10 Methods to INCREASE YOUR Instagram Reach Today

So how is it possible to increase your organic and natural reach on Instagram? Listed below are the 10 powerful methods for you to do this:

  1. Find your optimal placing times
  2. Test out videos
  3. Host contests or ask questions to encourage engagement
  4. Curate user-generated content
  5. Inform Instagram Stories
  6. Go go on Instagram
  7. Use Instagram ads
  8. Post less
  9. Create designed for Instagram
  10. Be considered a great Instagram user

Let's dive in!

  1. Find your optimal publishing times

Despite the fact that Instagram uses an algorithmic timeline now, maximum posting times remain relevant as timing is one factor in the algorithm.

Publishing at the right times can help make an initial circular of proposal on your articles which can, subsequently, fast the Instagram algorithm to motivate your articles higher on your enthusiasts' feed.

Instagram Expert, Sue B. Zimmerman, implies posting when nearly all your audience is online:

It might take time to obtain a long-term knowledge of your fans' activity, but it is important to make certain you're submitting when nearly all your audience is online.

If you work with an Instagram Business Account, you can examine your Instagram Insights to learn when your enthusiasts are most dynamic each day of the week and enough time of your day.

To gain access to your Instagram Insights, faucet on the account tabs in the Instagram software and then your bar graph icon ( ) on the upper-right part. You will see a section for your supporters' activity information, and you will touch on "See More" to see more descriptive insights. Here's a good example of what you will see:


  1. Test out videos

Several studies have discovered that images have a tendency to have more overall proposal (i.e. wants and feedback) than videos on Instagram. On first look, it could appear that photographs are much better than videos for proposal -- and it might well be!

On closer evaluation, we might pull a different summary. News Whip analyzed the Instagram accounts of 31 reports web publishers and made a fascinating discovery. While images, on average, have more loves (and overall proposal) than videos, videos create more remarks than photos. Actually, videos, normally, received more than double the quantity of comments than photographs!


It isn't certain if the Instagram algorithm prices likes and reviews equally or yet another than another. But since commenting requires more work from a end user than liking, it is possible that the algorithm beliefs commentary more than desires and would ranking posts with an increase of comments greater than posts with an increase of likes.

This past year, Instagram discovered that the video tutorial watch time on Instagram increased by more than 40 percent on the six-month period. As of this growth rate, maybe it's great to test out to see if it does increase your proposal and organic and natural reach on Instagram.

  1. Host contests or ask questions to encourage engagement

Requesting questions or contacting for an action is one of the fun ways to encourage your supporters to connect to your Instagram articles. We discovered that web host a giveaway competition is a powerful way to activate our followers.


A number of the call-to-actions we've attempted are:  

-            Enter to gain by sharing your selected emoji get together combo in the reviews below 

-            To go into, simply tag a pal below who you'll "Vote" for as your chosen marketer and you will both be inserted to win!

-            To enter label a pal below who you understand is rocking it on communal media! 

-            What's on your reading list this week?   Drop your booklet ideas below for an opportunity to win a free of charge book of your decision from the Buffer team! 

While giveaway contests usually create more reviews than usual articles, we make an effort to give it a couple of months among each competition to keep things fun and exciting.

A thing that we do more regularly is requesting a question inside our Instagram posts. Many of our most-commented content (excluding contest content) are content with a question like this, this, which.